Monday, January 1, 2007

Today is the first day of the rest of my life - after Christmas

The Irish Hiking Scarf is now adrift in the frog pond. The yarn was, in fact, so old that it began to unravel as I was knitting it. Probably is going to be thrown out. I have some Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool that I will use in place of the Bernat.

I got the front, back, and sleeves down to the raglan sweater of Red Heart with Wool. The Bond USM is good for boring stockinette stitch construction. I will add the neckband by hand knitting and seam the sweater together.

Next project for myself is completing the Hippy Chic Cardigan from Knit It Magazine (2002). I was using Lion Brand Woolease in Chelsea Twist (color is discontinued) Of course, I ran out of yarn I was using after I finished the fronts and back. I am going to knit the sleeves in Lion Brand Microspun Purple The picture shows the Chelsea Twist in the background and the Microspun in the foreground. The yarns are showing up blue in the photo, but actually more concord grape purple.

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