Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Wrap-up/Pointercounts!

I've been blogging almost a year.....amazing......

Lately, I haven't been posting too much due to the ease of Raverly. However, I'd like end the year with a project wrap-up. I started the blog last year to keep track of what I was knitting and document my progress. Well, in that regard, it has been a success. I'm still working on one Christmas present, but it doesn't have to be done until December 29th, when my extended family gathers for our celebration. My cousin's daughter (in 7th grade) asked me for a shawl at Thanksgiving. (I picked her name in the gift exchange). A teenager who wants a shawl. Apparently, the ones I made for my two aunts are in demand once the cold weather hits. I'm using Lion Brand Homespun (French Provincial - discontinued colorway) from my stash.

Ah, yes, let's discuss the stash. And the purchases. Only sock yarn. Jawoll Cotton for the purple socks. The swap & sale at guild (Cascade 220, Classic Elite Applause) bought with proceeds of yarn I sold (therefore I don't think it really counts)....... Schaeffer Anne (again SOCK YARN) bought on sale in November at a yarn shop in Skaneateles. Some Patons Merino for Christmas gifts.

Finally, just yesterday, Moda Dea Sassy Stripes from ......get this......Real Deals Dollar Store in North Syracuse (near Ponderosa). I'm going to make socks out of it. For those considering, do I want to purchase $1 yarn and what would I make with it? Okay, it's only in the Stormy and white.......and here's a new free shawl collared cardigan pattern from Moda Dea from bust size 39 - 55 1/2 inches. You can make a sweater for less than $12 for the largest size.

Finally, the fun. I've been enjoying the new CNY Raverly group. Thank you Marcela for the Socks that Rock Yarn. I've got the RPM Socks queued for this yarn.

I've also been meeting with the Syracuse Knitorious Chicks with Sticks group on Monday nights at the Wegmans in Liverpool. Lots of laughter and cool projects to admire.

The Twisted Stitches Knitting Guild of CNY is also a regular event in my knitting life. Last meeting, we met over at the Manlius Library. Cool place, they even have a coffee the Library!!! Then, a few of us checked out Donna Rapp's shop In-Stitches. Very cool! I finished my dad's Christmas socks! On Your Toes DK weight.....yeah!

Check out the Twisted Stitches Website for links and addresses for the groups and shop mentioned in my post.

And now, for some shameless promotion........Are you looking for good music? Why not give it the old college try? The Evolution CD from the SUNY Potsdam Pointercounts is available for only $15. They are a not-for-profit A capella group. A few of the tracks from the CD are on their myspace site. My cousin's son is a proud member of this group and I got to see them in concert last week on their winter tour. They were giving concerts at many New York state schools and gave a public concert in DeRuyter, NY. Nicest bunch of guys you could ever meet.

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