Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I have been knitting

I have been knitting. Honest......

I have been working on the Lucy Chemise Nightie by White Lies Designs. A friend of mine is getting married in two weeks and it is for her honeymoon. She picked the design when I was over at her house one night looking at patterns on Ravelry.

Her fiance picked the th-th-thong by White Lies Designs as his honeymoon pattern. I have the Cascade Fixation for his thong (something just sounds wrong with that statement....), but I haven't started it yet.....I am not anticipating that it will take that long. So it's not going to be a long thong. (I know I couldn't resist the bad pun. But it's okay because he doesn't have bad buns....OK, I am stopping now.)

No pictures of these projects.......must protect the privacy of the innocent.

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