Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fishing (cast and recast)

This is the sweater I started knitting again last night on US Size 8 needles. This development follows me ripping out the same sweater on US Size 10 needles that would have been a 12-18 month size rather than the 6-9 month size I wanted. The yarn is Bernat Mosaic in the psychedelic colorway.

Oh, and last night's project, that hat. Did I mention that I was knitting the pattern from the bottom to top instead of top to bottom? And that I read the last paragraph of the pattern that reads "continue to increase in the manner described" until you have DOUBLE the number of stitches I now have on the needles. 3 inches worth of stitches to be ripped out...... And the shower is Saturday night.......Maybe I will just mail the hat and booties for Christmas........

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Candy said...

Don't ya just hate when that happens. I had some trouble just starting a simple Hitchhiker scarf. The first time my brain couldn't seem to wrap around the directions. Ripped it out and started it the next day and it was simple. I have about ten points to go and it will be completed.