Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

I have not blogged for quite a while so I thought, what the heck.    Why not?    Well, I have started two sweaters, Bombshell by Stephanie Japel and Cherry Bomb by Joan McGowan-Michael.    They are both from the book, Big Girl Knits.    Today was the day to work on the Cherry Bomb.    I chose to not do a front and a back separately, but am doing the sweater in the round.   I hate seaming and frankly, it hates me.    The yarn I am using is Patons Grace in a blue-yellowy-white colorway.   It was something I bought on sale last summer, thinking I would knit Wendy Bernard's Slinky Ribs.    Yeah, the ribbing at the top of that sweater it nice, but Patons Grace does not fill in the gaps between the stitches like the Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool would.   I did not want to redo the arithmetic of the pattern to upsize it a little either.    

So Cherry Bomb got some love today.    I watched two movies that happened to be on TV this afternoon.    Flight of the Phoenix, with Dennis Quaid and Someone Like You with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman.     I love the latter movie, chick flick, and all.   I am born romantic.    The sweater is progressing nicely.   I lengthened the distance between the hem and the start of the waist shaping.    I like a sweater that is a little longer.    We will see how this goes.    I have knit the Shapely Tee before and while it was okay, the short rows at the bust were not exactly what I was envisioning.   

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