Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

I am probably going to fall asleep before too long. Things not to do on Christmas Eve morning. (exception for 3, but location could have been better.)

1) Get a text from a friend saying, “I have the flu.” after you have spent the weekend at friend’s house.

2) Find out your doctor is actually open and get an appointment.

3) Knit socks in the exam room while waiting for results of rapid flu test.

4) Find out it’s only a viral infection not the flu.

5) Still feeling like crap, go to Wegmans (grocery store) and attempt to buy every cold/cough/herbal/tissues/juice product known to man and yet still pick up California roll (cooked sushi) for lunch because you didn’t eat anything before the doctor’s appointment. Mumble to yourself and cough every once in a while to attempt get to items on the shelf where other shoppers have decided to park their carts and contemplate this new and mysterious item they have never considered before because the relatives are watching the kids and they decided to bring along a spouse who does not do grocery shopping and thus does not know that Brand A is horrible, but Brand B is so much better. Then watch as spouse A picks both items up and compare them and show spouse B close up why Brand B is better in case spouse B ever shops by themselves. Mumble and cough louder. The spouses quickly pick up item and move on when they hear, “I am sick, could you just pass me some butterscotch pudding?”

6) Explain to the pastor’s wife who sees you in line that no you won’t be at Christmas eve services because you are ill, but “It’s not the flu.”

7) Eat lunch and then collapse into bed and sleep from 1:30 to 6:00 pm. Wonder why it is now dark inside.


Moral to the story, my doctor is awesome. Wegmans is awesome. Other shoppers amuse me usually unless I am sick. Rest and fluids really do help you feel much better.

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