Friday, March 16, 2007

SWTC Bamboo Scarf

This is a scarf I have been working on for about a month on and off. The yarn is South West Trading Company Bamboo (100% bamboo). You can see their website at
The pattern is a simple lace pattern that a mother and daughter who attend my knitting guild were kind enough to share with me. I admired the scarves they were both wearing at a meeting several months ago and they told me the simple pattern. It is a basic feather and fan pattern.
I am using US Size 10 Takumi Bamboo knitting needles to knit this scarf.

These are the finished Patons Kroy Country Jacquard Socks with the short row heel. They turned out pretty well.

I have started another pair of socks for my aunt who last weekend said, "Uhmmm I had to darn the toe of the socks you gave me a few years ago. Could you make me a new pair, too?" I told her not only will I make her a new pair in wool/nylon, but I will be giving her the Sockotta Socks I knitted. They are 60 stitches around and too small for my feet. I always give knitted objects to people who appreciate them.

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