Monday, May 28, 2007

Dried Frosting

The yarn finished drying and this is what it looks like. The upper left skein is superwash wool/nylon. The upper right skein is merino wool/silk. The lower rainbow colored skein is 100% merino. I was showing them to someone tonight and the blue from the silk blend started to come off a little bit on my fingers so I have put all 3 skeins into the washer in a water and vinegar bath to soak for a while. Hopefully, that will fully set the colors and then I'll just dry them again.


Angela said...

OOO! Pretty!

Lorri said...

I never thought of using Wilton dyes for yarn. What vibrant colors! I also made the shapely tee last summer. It is such a classic summer pattern and a quick knit. Can't wait to see yours.