Saturday, June 2, 2007

Skeins and Sweater

Last weekend, I finally got all the skeins of yarn dry. Somehow, as I wound up the 100% merino, it coiled itself around my arm. I would like to introduce you all to my new pet,
Rainbow The Skein.

Seriously, I spend Friday afternoon and most of Saturday winding the dyed yarn into balls. I've found out two things. First, I could use a ball winder (mabye in the future - most of the yarn I use is pre-skeined). Second, a Mrs. Dash container makes a lovely cylinder to wind yarn around.

I have cast on the Shapely-Tee from White Lies Designs. I am using Lion Brand Microspun in Turquoise. If you look at the right of the photo, you can sort of see the short rows used in the pattern to give the shirttail edge.

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