Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shed a little light on the knitting

I have not be satisfied with the quality of my blog photos. It's hard to capture knitting images well. That was until I came upon the following article.

I didn't have tracing paper so I substituted wax paper. This photo is my light box.

I also used a mini-tripod on my Kodak Digital Camera. The mini-tripod was included in the Kodak Digital Camera Support set which I bought at Target for $9.99. The set also included 4 AA rechargeable batteries, a charger, and lens cleaner with cloth.

The closeup is of the short rows on my Shapely Tee at the bust line.

I have started knitting the back of the Shapely Tee. The Lion Brand Microspun is a lovely yarn to knit with on the Addi Turbo circular needle.

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Angela said...

It looks very professional! I have been wondering how people get their pictures to look so nice. I'll definitely have to check out that article.