Sunday, February 6, 2011

Highlights from the TNNA Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Shaw

I started watching the videos posted by the Yarn Group on for the TNNA Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show. Over the new few posts, I will be highlighting designs and trends I took note of.

The two designs I really enjoyed were the Chris Blysma A Capella Wrap and the Fickle Knitter Shawl. Please note the announcer totally blew matching the description of the wrap and the actual garment on the runway. The pink shawl in the second group is the Fickle Knitter design.
I am linking to the garments below so you can find out where to get the pattern/yarn.

(pattern available at local retailers or on Patternfish)

(list of retailers for Fickle Knitter patterns. For sale in Michelle Miller's store.)

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